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The Models / Victoria Brown

Avg Rating: 5.0

Victoria Brown Vital Stats:

Victoria was born in East Sussex in 1980 and she was twenty-five when she did our interview shoot.
She started out in the adult industry as a lapdancer when she was eighteen and very soon did her first hard boy/girl video.
She was much sought after for the next few years on account of her 34E natural breasts and appeared in over 50 DVDs, countless websites, many top shelf magazines and on the TV chat channels. She also spent some time abroad working on webcam sites.
She retired from active modelling in 2008, but still has a finger in a few pies.
Victoria Brown Updates

Victoria Unplanned
Victoria Brown 19/12/2016
We open with my little pal Victoria in the office talking about her tits. I suggest they are fake - she protests they are real! No scars, soft to touch - you judge. Being a sunny day we go out into the garden. I ask her to be discreet. Ha! no chance. Legs spread on the bench, she's chosen the largest...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Busty, MILF, Outdoors

Victoria In the Car
Victoria Brown 22/09/2016
Victoria's always been a cheeky little bitch. After our red chair shoot she blagged a lift from me over to Eastbourne to see her aunt - (porn actresses have aunts - who knew?). Anyway, I agreed I would if she did a little show on the way. Flashing her tits on the A27 got a bit distracting - for me...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Busty, Flashing, MILF

Victoria Close-Up
Victoria Brown 11/08/2016
The impressively breasted Victoria gives us a guided tour of her tattoos and piercings before telling a few stories about her TV and strip club work, like leading a bloke to the toilets on a promise of pussy-licking and then pissing on him - if you didn't know already, don't trust strippers! We then...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Busty, Hands On, MILF

Victoria Interview
Victoria Brown 14/04/2016
This was the first time I'd met Victoria and we've remained close friends ever since. As a result I know that some of what she tells us here is rubbish because she can bullshit for England! She is very entertaining though and we spend a lot of time on pussy play with the excuse of measuring her pussy....

Tags: Busty, Dildo, MILF, Vibrator