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The Models / Tammie-Lee

Avg Rating: 5.0

Tammie-Lee Vital Stats:

Tammie was born in Birmingham in 1984 and she was twenty-five when she came along to do our interview.
She started in the porn business in 2002 and was soon working to all levels, stills and video. She has worked for just about everybody in the DVD and website business and also did the TV chat channels for many years.
Her main work now is web-camming and domination - for which her personality is well-suited!
She is five foot nine tall and was a natural 34B-21-35 - apparently she has just (2015) had a boob job. She's also a good friend of mine.

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Tammie-Lee Updates

Tammie Behind the Scenes 2
Tammie-Lee 05/01/2017
Tammie-Lee had just driven down from Brum and was still in her coat when I presented her with a new unwrapped vibrator. It's a bit of a turn-on, I think, to get a girls knickers off as soon as she arrives, so we tested it there and then. Tammie soon entered into the spirit of it and was on the sofa...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Hands On, Large Labia, Vibrator

Tammie Outdoors & At Home
Tammie-Lee 29/09/2016
Two parts and two separate days on this one. We open with Tammie-Lee walking around my garden and being her usual self. I knew her quite well by this time so, sitting on my garden bench, I get up close and play with her luscious pussy. Back indoors and fade out. A few days and about 150 miles later...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Hands On, Large Labia, Outdoors

Tammie-Lee After the Shoot
Tammie-Lee 20/06/2016
For some reason, I decided to do a photoshoot with Tammie-Lee sitting on a table and playing with a carrot. I left a video camera running while I took the photos and you get a good idea of what happens on these occasions. Afterwards back to the changing room we spend some time with her suitcase full...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Brunettes, Dildo, Hands On

Tammie-Lee Behind The Scenes
Tammie-Lee 11/01/2016
The first half of this is a photoshoot with Tammie-Lee being rude with some carrots. We then go upstairs and get a glimpse of the "model's suitcase" - this is a subject for study in itself. I had only just met Tammie for the first time and we were still being polite, and she was still flirting. What...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Brunettes

Tammie-Lee Interview
Tammie-Lee 08/10/2015
Tammie was a real flirt in this - at one point she asks me to measure her pussy lips - this is probably why I'm still in regular touch with her five years later! She tells us that when she was eighteen she was stopped by a guy in the street who asked her if she wanted to model - probably, she admits,...

Tags: Brunettes, Dildo, Large Labia