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The Models / Lymara

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Lymara Vital Stats:

Lymara was born in Watford in September 1985 and she was only 20 years old when we did our interview with her. She was introduced to me by Danielle Manneken with whom she was staying. Danielle thought Lymara spent too much time at home doing nothing and rail-roaded me into booking her just to keep her busy!
We didn't usually shoot lesser know girls but Lymara had such striking looks and a gorgeous figure I couldn't say no and she did go on to become very well known.
There is no record of her measurements and the only recorded statistic is her nipple diameter of 10mm.
She claimed she had never found her clitoris despite the endeavours of several search parties. She had several piercings: one in her lower lip, one in her nose and one in her clit hood - which she COULD find!

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Lymara Interview
Lymara 08/04/2015
A beaming smile and gorgeous legs and bum. Lymara is her real name. Her mum named her after a deodorant soap advert. She wasn't in the porn industry very long and I don't think she ever did any boy/girl scenes - which is a shame! There is a boy/girl scene with Pascal White circulating online purporting...

Tags: Dildo, Piercings, Shaven