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The Models / Jamie

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Jamie Vital Stats:

Jamie was born in June 1983 and we did our interview when she was twenty-four. For a while she went by the name Jamie Lee, but this was already used by other performers and she dropped the Lee.
She started out as a barmaid and when she was eighteen was spotted by porn actress Rebecca Smyth who got her onto the late-night satellite channels BabeCast, SexStation etc. where she worked for about five years.
She also did photo-modelling, stripping and dancing. She retired soon after our interview and, as far as I know, did little or no video work.
Jamie Updates

Jamie Behind The Scenes
Jamie 04/04/2016
This is the Jamie with no last name again. She's not the most well-known of girls, but she has a fantastic figure and is really chatty and friendly. We stopped off first for a fag break in my office and later a pee break. We admire her pussy and talk about "how all the sex had pulled her flaps out"....

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Jamie Interview
Jamie 27/09/2015
It doesn't come across when she's sitting down, but Jamie has a fantastic, long-leggy figure. What does come across is that she is great fun, particularly when talking about her job as a pub stripper and what she does to blokes who don't put money in the jug. A lot of girls on here talk about how much...

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