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The Models / Honey B

Avg Rating: 3.0

Honey B Vital Stats:

Honey was born in Kent in March 1983 and we interviewed her when she was 25.
More of an erotic model and dominatrix than a porn star she started her career in about 2005 and disappeared from the professional scene soon after we saw her.
Her great claim to fame is her enormous pussy lips which must be some of the biggest in the business. She also specialised in being hairy which made her popular with fetish producers.
She is a very homely girl-next-door type and was also proud of being the assistant manager of an amateur football club!

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Honey B Updates

Honey Behind the Scenes
Honey B 10/03/2017
Apart from having a very hairy pussy, Honey also has giant "bat-wing" pussy lips. It's the duty of anyone with a gift to make use of it and in this clip, before your very eyes, you get to see her famous party trick where she ties her labia into a knot. After the excitement of the main event, Honey...

Tags: Brunettes, Dildo, Hairy Pussy, Large Labia

Honey Interview
Honey B 01/06/2015
It's difficult to pay attention to anything Honey is saying in this interview when distracted by a dangling, hairy pair of the biggest labia in the industry, however I think she mentioned her love of football and helping to manage an amateur team in Kent. She talks about her work as a dominatrix, getting...

Tags: Busty, Hairy Pussy, Large Labia