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The Models / Gilly Sampson

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Gilly Sampson Vital Stats:

Gilly was born in 1965 and she was forty-four when we got her on our interview chair.
She started glamour modelling as a teenager as early as 1981, went on to become part of the glamour model circuit of the 1980s, slowly progressing to doing sex parties and porn in the nineties.
A male stripper I met who knew her at the time described her, surprisingly, as actually being quite prudish in her personal life.
She returned to the scene about 2009 after having a family and I believe she is still active in some areas of the business.
Gilly Sampson Updates

Gilly After the Shoot
Gilly Sampson 04/08/2016
After doing some photos I was plying Gilly the ultra-Milf with glasses of water to encourage her to do some peeing. While we were waiting for something to happen, we amused ourselves seeing how many DVDs we could fit onto her nipple - eleven! As usual, we then moved down to her pussy and she showed...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Brunettes, Busty, Dildo

Gilly Interview
Gilly Sampson 31/08/2015
Gilly is one of the last of the old school glamour models from the eighties. She reminisces about her early days of topless modelling and about photoshoots at Stringfellows, mingling with the famous glamour girls of the day and getting published in the glossy mags. We hear how she progressed to doing...

Tags: Brunettes, Busty, Mature, MILF