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The Models / Crystel Lei

Avg Rating: 5.0

Crystel Lei Vital Stats:

Crystel was born in Wales in 1979. We interviewed when she was twenty-seven.
She started in the porn business in about 2006 and did a lot of hardcore fetish and BDSM work. Soon after our interview she moved to Denmark and did some even more extreme fetish work.
At some stage she met up with a new partner and had a complete makeover with new boobs, hair and tummy tuck and developed a much more mainstream look.
She only does vanilla style porn now and can still be found webcamming from her home in Lanzarote.
Crystel Lei Updates

Crystel Behind the Scenes
Crystel Lei 04/07/2016
Have I mentioned that Crystel is completely crazy, but, at the same time, the nicest person you could wish to meet. You find us upstairs in the changing room preparing for another assault on one of the lippiest pussies in the business. Pausing on the way to my office she removes her jeans again to...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Dildo, Hands On, Large Labia

Crystel Interview
Crystel Lei 27/08/2015
Two words best describe Crystel: "bonkers" and "Welsh". You could probably add "nymphomaniac" to that. My overarching memory of this interview was her giggles, which get to you after a while even though I've edited most of them out! The story goes she's been obsessed with sex ever since hitting her...

Tags: Brunettes, Dildo, Large Labia, Piercings