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The Models / Columbia

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Columbia Vital Stats:

Columbia was born in Wiltshire in July 1979 and we did our interview when she was twenty-nine.
She chose her stagename from her favourite character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a style she carried over into her burlesque style stripping at glam rock band gigs.
She was doing this sort of work from about 2006 and then moved on to porn in 2009 busily working up to all levels until about 2010 when she disappeared from the scene.
She has blue/grey eyes and dyed blonde hair, but any other personal details are hard to find.
Columbia Updates

Columbia Behind the Scenes 2
Columbia 15/12/2016
Columbia has had a few new tats done since the last time we met. She says she does it for the pleasure of the pain - like waxing, she says, the pain is the best bit. Also she's got a new pussy piercing with a little ball that knocks against her clit when she walks, but that is just for the pleasure!...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, MILF, Piercings, Tattoos

Columbia Behind The Scenes
Columbia 22/02/2016
In a floaty summer dress, with nothing on underneath, Columbia does a bit of teasy bum-flashing in the kitchen and we have a closer look at some of her colourful and extensive leg tattoos. Back in the office, she found a ruler lying on the table and offered to do some pussy measuring, which I always...

Tags: Behind The Scenes
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Columbia Interview
Columbia 09/07/2015
I really liked Columbia - I booked her again a couple of times after this. She entered into the spirit of the thing and was happy to chat about what a rebel she has always been, even when she was still at school. She charged the boys 20p to look at her tits and her nickname at school was "Grass-stains"....

Tags: Blondes, Boots, Dildo, MILF