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The Models / Carmel Moore

Avg Rating: 5.0

Carmel Moore Vital Stats:

Carmel is a Gemini born in 1985 in the seaside town of Eastbourne. She was only 22 when we interviewed her but she had already done a LOT of hardcore work by that time.
She is very pretty, good-natured, quick-witted and half Persian. She has had a lot of surgery done and jokes that not much of her is real.
She has a big tattoo across the base of her back with the text "Henry and Nasrin".
Her natural hair colour is black but dyed blonde when we saw her.
She has brown eyes, is 5'4" tall and her measurements.. 32DD-24-34.
Carmel Moore Updates

Carmel Interview
Carmel Moore 06/08/2018
A very pretty and likable girl is Carmel. She has a slightly exotic look on account of her Iranian dad even though the rest of her comes from Eastbourne. She is endearingly honest and admits that most of her good looks are man-made. She's done a lot of work for US companies. If you see any of her American...

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