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The Models / Alexandra Cat

Avg Rating: 5.0

Alexandra Cat Vital Stats:

Alexandra was born in Latvia, of Russian origin, in 1985 and she was was twenty-three when she did our interview.
She was consumed with ambition to become a famous model and she later underwent surgery to her face and breasts to transform herself into Jordan Pryce(sic).
She started in the UK porn industry in 2008 and says she was previously a stripper in London. She did the usual round of UK websites and appeared in about twenty DVDs. After her transformation she did some scenes in the USA.
I think she is still (2016) active, or at least was until recently.
Alexandra Cat Updates

Alexandra Outdoors and In
Alexandra Cat 12/09/2016
Alex was a lot of fun and I got her over a few times for some videos. This time I took her down to the local park and got her to play with her pussy on a bench, but we forgot she had her tits out and passing cars were slowing down to watch. We went back to the car, took her knickers off and got stuck...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Dildo, MILF, Outdoors

Alexandra Behind the Scenes
Alexandra Cat 09/05/2016
This is from two of Alex's visits to me and she is her usual crazy self. She looks very cute with her bright red lipstick and pony tail and her Russian accent is always very sexy. She flashes her tits and pussy over a glass of wine in the living room and she settles down on the sofa to give us a good...

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Blondes, Shaven

Alexandra Interview
Alexandra Cat 25/02/2016
Don't miss this one. Aided by the fact that she is obviously high on something, Alexandra is hilarious in this interview. She is aware that she is a crazy Russian with delusions of becoming world famous, but also sends herself up for thinking it. Everything is funny to her and she collapses into...

Tags: Blondes, Shaven, Stockings, Vibrator