Public Sex

Something I really enjoy is public sex. Watching it, that is. I wouldn’t fancy trying to do it in the UK with our ever-present CCTV cameras and draconian laws on public decency.

Our friends in middle Europe are more laid back, though. I found this site called Banged in Public and it’s one of the best I’ve seen for really risky outdoor fucking.
The hero of the piece is a charming chap called Stefan who is completely fearless when it comes to getting pretty girls’ knickers off in public places. There are even scenes when passers-by stop and watch and masturbate along with the action.

With over a hundred and thirty episodes all shot in really nice video quality, this site is definitely worth a look here

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I had a conversation last night with a model friend who had just been on webcam. When I first heard about webcamming a few years ago, I thought who’s going to pay £2 or more a minute just to see a girl on screen and type out a conversation with her asking her to do rude things. I mean, £2 a minute is the about the same price as an average real-life escort charges! How can you compare getting your mitts on some real flesh to a virtual encounter on a flickering video feed?

But, as usual, I was wrong. I’ve helped a few girls set themselves up as webcammers on Adultwork and seen them regularly take hundreds of pounds a time from a customer who has gone away happy. I suppose the attraction for both parties is the safety of their own environment and for the customer being able to leave straightaway without that embarrassing silence while he puts his trousers back on.

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Lesbian Consummation

Government seeking advice

Apparently the British government’s legal draftsmen are getting into a pickle trying to define lesbian consummation for the new gay marriage law. For a marriage to be valid it must be consummated (speaking bluntly, they’ve got to have fucked); and the same must apply to gay couples. How do you put that into nice words so that no one giggles when the bill goes through Parliament? Advice is being sought from interested parties

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EU Women’s Group to Ban Prostitution

A European Woman

An interesting interview on the (BBC News) radio this morning with a sex workers’ representative and a woman from an EU pressure group wanting to make paying for sex illegal.   She cited  the law in Sweden which bans any type of commercial sex, but which, according to the “sex worker”, has merely driven sex work underground and therefore made it more dangerous for the women.  The debate continued predictably.

A point I have yet to hear explained is how “paying for sex” is defined.  If I take a woman out to dinner and then have sex with her, am I allowed to give her a gift?  I could give her jewellery, for example, but not cash or I go to jail.  What if I give her Marks and Spencers gift tokens?

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